"U Call, We Haul!"
Local Agricultural Hauling

Mezger Trucking, Inc. was established in 1971 to provide timely transportation services for the grower from the field to the primary storage location. For nearly 40 years Mezger Trucking, Inc. has been responsible for safely hauling agricultural products such as: wheat, corn, rice, barley, triticale, milo, safflower, sunflowers, almonds, walnuts, and tomatoes.

For inquiries and to reserve your haul please call Ruben Morales at: (530) 662-9626 rubenmorales@mezgerbros.com

Over-the-Road/Long-Haul Service

Mezger Trucking, Inc. also operates an over-the-road dry van service primarily between northern and southern California.  Examples of products hauled are: finished/processed non-perishable food products, electronics, beverages, etc...

For inquiries and pricing please contact
Glen Nebert at: (530) 662-9626 glen@mezgerbros.com